• About the writer

    Colin Delaney is a 36-year-old Sydney-based writer working concurrently in scripted television and print.

    He has worked in the script department for ABC comedy series Soul Mates and The Moodys and in production on Ten dramedy Wonderland. He has created TV concepts for FremantleMedia and is currently developing his own black comedy series.

    As a freelance journo, Colin reviews music for the Sydney Morning Herald. He has been published in Rolling Stone Australia, CNN Travel, Time Out Amsterdam, Huck Magazine, Get Lost, JMAG and other international publications.

    He was formerly a Multimedia Journalist for Mumbrella writing about film, television and the media.

    Colin also runs a Rock n Roll Bingo at the homely Cricketers Arms Hotel.

Animation Script Writing

I don’t often get to share the online and corporate vids I write because they are used internally, but occasionally a few go public. Here’s one I wrote for In The Thicket and their client Australian Bankers Association about Romance Scams. It plays up to the Nigerian Prince scam and sheds some light on the other … Continue reading

More Sydney Morning Herald Music Reviews

I’ve written a few more Shortlist music reviews for the Sydney Morning Herald since I last posted to this here website. So here you are: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis return with a street-level London sound: “Recorded in a converted curry house in Camden Town, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis’s third album moves past 2011’s Smoking in … Continue reading

Phosphorescent Live Review

Despite six albums for the Alabama native-turned-Brooklynite, this would be Matt Houck and his band Phosphorescent’s first headlining show in Sydney. The alt-country act previously played the short-lived but excellent Harvest Festival in 2011 with a setlist that ran as a best of, to a relatively sparse unknowing crowd under a hot sun. So it … Continue reading

Kiwi Assassins: Cover Fire

Did everyone enjoy Soul Mates? Declaration of Interest… I laughed my arse off. The good news is the boys are working on Season 2 – though it’s not greenlit yet. I spent a couple of days brainstorming the new stories and there’s some funny shit ahead. But let’s rewind our beta cassettes. How great was “Cover … Continue reading

Musical Journalising Again

I have returned to casual musical journalising… and it feels nice. Not since Time Out Amsterdam and Iamsterdam.com days had I reviewed music –what with my writings about film & TV at Mumbrella/Encore and more recently my (attempted) writings for film and TV. However over the last few months I’ve written Shortlist reviews for the Sydney Morning Herald’s … Continue reading

A Black Keys knees up in Byron Bay

Maybe ten years ago, but more likely 11, I was working at Fishheads Cafe in Byron Bay – the one in the town’s front carpark – when my colleague came in bragging that the night before she happened upon The Black Keys playing for free, unannounced at the Rails Hotel. It’s now become one of those events you conjure into your own … Continue reading

Phosphorescent are touring Australia… Praise thee

I was pretty excited by the recent news alt-country band Phosphorescent were returning to Australia. They first toured in 2011 as part of the Harvest Festival (Vale that great event). They played on a smaller stage and I feel like I was one of the few who had circled them on the day’s timetable. However, I … Continue reading

Occy vs Curren – ASP Heritage Series

Mark Occhilupo and Tom Curren are two of the greats in the surfing world. During the 80s, as thrusters revolutionised the sport and the competitors’ prize money matched the novelty-sized cheques they were written on, the two surfers had a fierce rivalry – or as Kelly Slater says in this roundtable preview; “Not ‘had’ – … Continue reading

Soul Mates

You might know Dom and Adrian, those Bondi Hipsters who catch the 333 from the city back to the sea. I’ve just finished working as Script Assistant with the boys’ creators, Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier on their very funny new ABC comedy Soul Mates.  This follows on from my work on The Moodys last year. Fans … Continue reading

My friends are complicit in stealing from my future endeavours; is Secrets & Lies one way to discourage them?

Having made the jump from journalism to scriptwriting (perhaps I’m actually still in mid-air, yet to land on two feet) I’ve become ever more against of TV piracy – basically because the more people don’t pay for their TV shows, the less pool of money there is for writers like myself. I also find it … Continue reading