Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational

Photo: Glaser

The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational rode into Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane last weekend.

The contest in which Tudor and Vans invite 16 of the world’s top longboarders to battle it out on boards over 12 pounds, single fin- and leash-less for a 10k purse aims to put a bit of fun back into the longboarding’s competitive circuit.

With no leashes and a solid over-head at Steamer Lane, you can understand the point of the duct tape. While Newport’s Alex Knost took out first place and $4000, reports Surfermag, local Jason “Ratboy” Collins nearly took out $1000 for the unique Best Board Sacrifice when a bail sent his boards on to the rocks. But it was the toss of Chad Marshall’s board over the cliff face that saw him score the grand.

Meanwhile old blokes like Nat Young, Michel Junod and not-so-old blokes like Hatzikian and Tudor himself got involved the legens’ heats. Points were added for drop ins with a $500 cheque for Best Shared Wave… not yer average comp.


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